AIPRM for ChatGPT not working: How to fix the problem

Hey friends, if you are one of those people who are searching on Google “why the AIPRM Chatgpt extension is not working?” Then here your search ends, in this blog post you will get the fixes for your AIPRM for ChatGPT problem and you will be able to use it easily without any problem.

If you are reading this post then you would know that AIPRM is an extension that is made for chatGPT and in it you get pre-generated prompt templates according to your different tasks Such valuable prompts are available as email templates, article rewriting, midjourney prompts, and many more.

But sometimes this AIPRM extension does not work properly and misbehaves. In this article, we will tell you its causes and its solution has also been given step-by-step. There are also some interesting updates that you need to know.

Let’s Get Started

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Why is AIPRM Extension not working for ChatGPT? 


AIPRM is designed for chatGPT which improves your chat experience and completes all your tasks in a blink of an eye. If you have already used it then there is no need for me to tell you how useful it is.

On September 16, 2023, there was a ChatGPT update in which there have been some changes in ChatGPT due to which the AIPRM UI has broken with the ChatGPT. These changes impacted the AIPRM UI. But here’s a scoop,

If you are using AIPRM in Microsoft Edge then you do not need to do any extra work, it is automatically released and updated in the updated version.

But, if you are using it in Chrome browser and we know that most people will be using Chrome then you will have to update it manually and how to do this, you can follow the steps given below.

Let’s explore the Step-by-Step Process to fix the problem.

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How to Manually Install AIPRM Chrome Extension

It can be quite frustrating when AIPRM Chrome Extension does not work properly and the solution is to install it manually.

So let’s see step-by-step how to install AIPRM manually with the current version of it:

Download the Updated version: Now you do not need to install manually, you can directly install the latest version from the Chrome web store or Microsoft Edge.

Unzip the Downloaded File: Extract the downloaded file. Simply Right-click and Extract all.

Unzip the Downloaded File
Unzip the Downloaded File

Go To Chrome Extension Tab: To go to the Chrome Extensions tab, simply paste “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar of Chrome and press Enter.

Go To Chrome Extension Tab
Go To Chrome Extension Tab

Enable Developer Mode: In the Chrome extensions tab, in the right top corner, you will find a “Developer Mode” option, turn it on.

Developer Mode
Developer Mode

Upload the Download AIPRM Extension file: In the Chrome Extension tab, in the top left corner, you will find the option of “Load Unpacked”, then simply click on it and upload that extracted folder.

Load Unpacked
Load Unpacked

Installation Completed: In this way, the AIPRM Chrome extension gets installed manually and it shows in your extension list.

Installation Complete (you can check now)
Installation Complete (you can check now)

Now you can go to ChatGPT and test whether it is working well or not. But most probably it works well.

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Our Final Thoughts

Similarly, in this post, we discussed why AIPRM is not working and what to do about it, and in this post, we have provided the step-by-step solution that will solve your AIPRM working problem.

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