Midjourney V6 is Finally Here! Was not expecting this

Midjourney released its new version on 21st DEC which is Midjourney V6 and we will tell you in this article, how this new release will enhance your midjourney experience.

Since its launch, Midjourney has been the market leader and is the first choice for image generators. Midjourney is constantly evolving and improving its quality. A new version of Midjourney has been updated, Midjourney V6, which has many enhancements.

Midjourney V6 can Do
Midjourney V6 Can Do

Now Midjourney is more capable of understanding your prompt and the second update is that it will generate your images with more realism. There are many more things that Midjourney has updated in its V6 version; we will discuss all that in detail in this article.

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How to Access Midjourney V6

To access the capabilities of midjourney V6 you will need to go to “/settings” of your discord server and replace it with “Midjourney Model V6 [alpha]” If your default model is V5.2 or you can render your prompt in version 6 by adding –v 6 at the end.

command Settings
command Settings

Select Midjourney V6 [Alpha]
Select Midjourney V6 [Alpha]

Add --V6 in end of the prompt
Add –V6 at the end of the prompt

For those using the Midjourney Alpha website, selecting Version 6 from the top right corner allows seamless integration into the creative process.

Select V6 in Midjourney Alpha website
Select V6 on the Midjourney Alpha website

1. Evolving Photorealism & Facial Details

Midjourney v6 vs MIdjourney v5
Midjourney v6 vs MIdjourney v5

In the Midjourney V5, when you generate images, these images look like AI-generated Images but in the Midjourney V6 version, realism has been specially emphasized; now your generated images will look more real.

Midjourney V6 gives you a lot of incredible and detailed output of images, allowing you to generate images similar to what professional photographers capture. The images are now not only more coherent but also intricately detailed.

2. Better Prompt Understanding

Add Text on Images by Quotation
Add Text on Images by Quotation

In Midjourney V5, it missed out on the details of your prompt but in Midjourney V6, it has more capability to understand your prompt better and even understand Grammarly mistakes, nuances of punctuation and colors, contrast, and other details.

Now you can describe the details of your images conversationally and get relevant results close to your prompt. The introduction of the style raw parameter further streamlines the process, allowing for better prompt understanding with shorter prompts.

But we have noticed that it also has a limit when you give it a description with a lot of details so that it can include your details but it is still in its alpha phase so it is not perfect but we are excited about its future abilities.

3. Adding Text on Images

In Midjourney V6 you can add texts to your generative images and this is a very good initiative that many people have liked and it is very useful.

By writing text in quotations and keeping prompts concise, users can already start exploring this feature, especially with the assistance of the style raw parameter or lower stylized values. This is not very impressive right now but it is in ongoing mode and will be implemented well.

4. Better Art Styles

The previous version of Midjourney was not accurate in understanding your art style but now in Midjourney V6, you can define your art style and create generative in the same style for yourself and V6 is more capable of understanding your art style and color combinations.

Art Style
Art Style

Midjourney V6 can now generate high-quality pixel art images. Additionally, other art styles have seen noticeable improvements, expanding the creative possibilities for users.

5. Celebrity and Public Figures

Midjourney V6 can generate multiple characters and real people like celebrities, public figures, logos, and any form of branded content. This also covers copyright issues.


Features (Currently Work or Not Yet Working)

Midjourney V6 Features & Arguments
Midjourney V6 Features & Arguments

At the moment some features are working such as –ar (aspect ratio), –chaos, –weird, –tile, –stylize, –style raw, vary (subtle)/vary (strong), remix, and, /blend.

However, it’s crucial to note that certain features from Version 5, like pan, zoom, VAR region, /tune, and /describe are temporarily unavailable. Yet, a V6 version of ‘describe’ is on the horizon, promising additional enhancements.

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Watch This!

Our Final words!

These are all the details about Midjourney V6 in this article and you can explore more and share its capabilities.

Midjourney V6 is compared to its previous version and there is not much difference and advancements but Midjourney V6 is more capable because midjourney V6 has more Photorealism capabilities, better prompt understanding, and adding text on images are better enhancements which take midjourney to the next level.

The quality of images in Midjourney V6 is very high and is more detailed in every aspect. This version generates images for you after understanding your art style and the length of the prompt is more than 350+ words.

Although the Midjourney V6 is not completely accurate yet and its response may be better than before, it is not completely accurate. But Midjourney is pushing yourself and stretching your limitations so that in the future this will bring a lot of advancements and improve your quality of work.

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