AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin (Unpredictable Use-Cases & Prompts)

With the increasing rise in digital communication and technology, various cutting-edge tools are currently rising ahead of the curve. Many tools have been widely used, and one such tool is known as the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin.

This revolutionary tool integrates the power of artificial intelligence into documents, i.e., PDF documents. Therefore, integrating AI in PDF documents transforms the way people gather and interact with the various information provided on digital platforms.

In this article, we will learn about what an AI PDF ChatGPT plugin is, how using this plugin helps unlock new possibilities, how to install this AI PDF ChatGPT plugin, and what functions this plugin performs.

We have created a list of ChatGPT Plugins to help you work with ChatGPT’s potential possibilities.

What is the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin?

AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin is a powerful, and game-changing AI-based tool that is super-fast, does fast checking of the pages, including the references, and generates interactive chats with various PDF sizes.

This ChatGPT plugin uses the power of advanced AI and adds various interactive elements to PDF documents. This helps to enhance the user experience.

If you think of having a virtual assistant that can help you with your documents, provide the answer to queries, real-time insights, and help the readers to learn about the documents. This plugin provides results fast while keeping itself thoroughly text-based.

Now, no more you need to use laborious, and long PDF documents, and get to use these easy and stress-free chats with the AI PDF ChatGPT plugin.

Example Prompts of Using AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin

Now, let’s move on to the practical aspect. Navigate to the link or URL of the PDF you wish to integrate with Chat GPT. Whether the document resides on an online platform or is locally stored, the procedure remains consistent. For example, consider a PDF hosted on a website; simply copy the URL for the upcoming steps.

Here are a few examples prompts that will help you learn how to use this plugin for PDF documents.

  1. Example Prompt 1:

Write this prompt in the ChatGPT plugin: “Please provide highlights or summary of this attached PDF. Below is the attached link to the PDF: [URL].”

  • Example Prompt 2:

 “I want to search for a PDF document that I have, please find related information regarding it.”

  • Example Prompt 3:

“Please help me find relevant information in the mentioned PDF document. The PDF link is [URL].”

  • Example Prompt 4:

“Can you help me find the key features in this PDF document? The link of the document is [URL].”

  • Example Prompt 5:

“Do some research regarding the specific details in the PDF document. See PDF document [URL].”

What Can You Do with the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin?

Using the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin, you can easily perform different PDF tasks using the given URLs. Here are some of the various cases:

Summarize a PDF document using the URL: You can easily create a summary of the PDF that includes all the key information, and the key points.

Highlight key features in PDF: This helps to highlight and extract the main points from the document.

Search information in the PDF related to a specific query at a given URL: In this case, you can search for specific information in the PDF. If you have a query, search it easily and highlight the findings.

Extract Information from a section on a specific question in PDF: If you search for some specific information in the PDF document, it shows you the information regarding it.

Highlight Arguments in the document using URL: This studies the PDF document and highlights the main points in it.

Brief Overview of PDF content: This provides a summary of the information presented in the document, so the readers can understand it by reading the summary.

Search the Conclusion in the PDF of the given URL: Search and get the final words or remarks related to the PDF document.

Search for references regarding specific information: Scan the PDF document to find the references. It easily provides all the page references.

As a whole, the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin uplifts all the possibilities and capabilities regarding PDF documents. It provides authentic information, identifies the main points, and provides a summary of the content of the PDF document.

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How to Use the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin?

The AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin is a powerful tool that incorporates AI into PDF documents. In this guide, you will get a step-by-step guide on how you can install the AI PDF ChatGPT plugin in your system.

Step 1. Open the ChatGPT Website

First, open the ChatGPT website. If you do not have an account, you have to sign up for one. If you already have an account, you can simply skip the sign-up process.

2. Sign Up to your ChatGPT Account

Sign up for your ChatGPT account by entering your username and password. Keep in mind that you can access the dashboard of your account.

3. Open the ChatGPT Plugins

Best Chatgpt Plugins
Open Settings

Open the settings of your account, and ensure to enable all your ChatGPT plugins. This helps to run the AI PDF ChatGPT plugin.

4. Choose the GPT-4 Model

No Plugin Enabled
No Plugin Enabled

Open the model selector and select the GPT-4 Model. In the GPT-4 Model, the AI PDF plugin works well to ensure a seamless user experience.

5. Get Access to the Plugin

ChatGPT Plugin Store
ChatGPT Plugin Store

Click on the ChatGPT plugin in your dashboard, and through the Plugin Store, you can easily access it.

6. Choose the Plugin Store

From the menu, choose the option of ‘Plugin Store’ to explore the various available plugins in ChatGPT. Search for the “AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin” in the store.

7. Install the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin

When you find the plugin, open it and click on the detailed overview. Now, install the plugin and add this AI PDF plugin to the ChatGPT account.

8. Activation of the AI PDF Plugin

After the plugin is installed, activate the plugin. At the same time, you can enable 3 plugins in ChatGPT simultaneously.

Troubleshooting: Unable to Install the AI PDF Plugin

If you face any difficulties while installing the AI PDF ChatGPT plugin, this guide will help you resolve the problem and make the installation process easier.

Step1. If you are unable to install the plugin, the main problem can be the version of ChatGPT that you are using. The users need to upgrade to the ChatGPT 4 version to access its plugins. These plugins are only available for users who have subscribed to the paid ChatGPT-4 version.

2. Go to the settings and ensure that all the ChatGPT plugins are turned on in your account.

Enable Plugins Option
Enable Plugins Option

3. In some cases, the ChatGPT plugins can disappear from the store. This can happen due to technical errors. If you are unable to find the AI PDF plugin, go to the updates page to ensure the plugin works. Please be patient while installing the plugin, and check it later at some other time.

If you already have the plugin in your system but it is not giving the right answers, please see the section below.

How to Fix the AI PDF ChatGPT Plugin?

If the plugin is still not working properly, you can use some of the ways below to fix the problem.

Click the ‘Regenerate Response’ button. You should know that this is a beta version; therefore, when you are trying to install this AI PDF plugin, some technical errors or issues can occur.

Check again whether you have selected the ChatGPT 4 version or not. Both the plugin and the browser mode cannot function at the same time.

Recheck that the AI PDF plugin is enabled in your account. When you select the plugin mode, make sure to enable it as well. It can only enable 3 plugins at the same time.

If the plugin is giving a false or bad response, you can directly ask ChatGPT about why the AI PDF plugin is not working or how it will work.

There might be some other reasons why this plugin is not working in your account. Most likely, there can be some technical errors or issues.

How to Uninstall the Plugin?

If you do not want to use the AI PDF plugin anymore, you can also easily disable or uninstall it from your ChatGPT account.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Make sure you have selected the ChatGPT-4 model.
  3. Select the ChatGPT plugin icon.
  4. Now, you have to select the plugin store.
  5. Open the AI PDF plugin in the store.
  6. Now, uninstall the plugin by simply clicking on ‘Uninstall’, and the plugin will be removed from the account.

Wrapping Up About AI PDF Plugin

As this plugin provides compatibility with a variety of PDF documents, it is also important for the users to have a proper understanding of using this ChatGPT plugin. As technology invades the digital era, the AI PDF plugin is one of the most innovative plugins in ChatGPT.

This plugin can convert documents into AI-based interactive heralds that help enhance communication between users. By incorporating these technological advancements in life, businesses and individuals can always keep themselves ahead of the digital world.

Thus, do not consider this plugin as a tool; it is a tool with a complete set of changes that go beyond the static documents.

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