How to Use Google Gemini Ultra?

A few months ago Google launched its most capable AI model Google Gemini but we got a Google Bard dashboard where we can use only Gemini Pro or Gemini Neno. Google said that in a few months, they will launch the Most powerful AI model Google Gemini Ultra which will be more capable than ChatGPT.

And on 2 FEB 2024, Google has recently launched its most capable AI model Google Gemini Ultra 1.0, also known as Gemini Advance and it can most probably prove to be a chatGPT killer. In this article, you will see what the pricing of Gemini Ultra 1.0 is and how can you use Google Gemini Ultra.

Gemini Advanced
Gemini Advanced

The buzz surrounding its capabilities and comparisons has sparked curiosity. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of Gemini Ultra 1.0, exploring its features, limitations, pricing, and practical use cases.

Let’s Get Started.

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How to Access Google Gemini Ultra 1.0?

The process to access Gemini Ultra is very simple, you have to go to and it will automatically redirect you to the Google Gemini dashboard because Bard has become Google Gemini.

Here if you are not logged in then simply log in with your Google account and in the dashboard you will see the option of “Gemini Advance Upgrade” on the left side corner, you can simply upgrade by clicking on it.

Gemini Ultra
Gemini Ultra

You can also use Gemini Ultra on your phone by simply downloading its App version (IOS & Android). It is integrated with Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail so that you can do various activities in it and you can interact with it through text, voice, and images which make it easy for you to use it.

This upgrade provides access to the powerful Gemini Ultra model, touted as surpassing the capabilities of Chat GPT and even Google’s GP4.

What is the Google Gemini Ultra Price?

The price of Google Gemini Ultra is similar to ChatGPT which costs 20$ per month.

But the best and most amazing thing is that for now Gemini is giving you a free trial for 2 months and for 2 months Gemini will not charge you anything and when your 2 months are over it will notify you 7 days before.

Simply upgrade it by filling up your card details and you can enjoy it for 2 months for free.

Google Gemini Ultra Pricing
Google Gemini Ultra Pricing

What’s In The New Version of Gemini Ultra?

Google Gemini Ultra is the most compatible model which is a new version of Ultra 1.0 and it can perform various amazing tasks.

Google is claiming superiority in handling highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration.

Although currently optimized for English, Gemini Advanced is available in 150 different countries, with plans for expansion to more languages and regions in the future.

Google Gemini Source- Google Article
Google Gemini Source- Google Article

Extra Capabilities Source- Google
Extra Capabilities Source- Google

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What you can do with Gemini Ultra?

As Google has claimed that Gemini Ultra is the most capable AI model and comparing it with ChatGPT showed that it is more effective in tasks and more capable. So let’s see some various points from which we can find out for what tasks it can be used.

Testing speed

Gemini Advance’s responses are faster than other AI models. Users consistently report that it outpaces previous models, including Chat GPT and GP4, by a significant margin. The rapid response time adds to the overall user experience, making interactions with Gemini Advanced seamless and efficient.


In terms of creativity, Gemini Advanced has demonstrated impressive capabilities. Content creators have tested their poetic abilities, and the AI model has produced poems with perfect rhyming and the ability to combine seemingly unrelated ideas.

Mattvidpro AI YouTube channel started writing poems and Gemini ultra made rhymes by writing a poem which shows that Gemini supports creativity.

Creativity (Write a poem)
Creativity (Write a poem)

Despite subjectivity in evaluating creativity, Gemini Advanced has received positive feedback in comparison to other models.


Gemini Advance can be your assistant and best problem solver. Many content creators have seen Gemini’s problem-solving skills demonstrated and their results are outstanding.

In tests involving logical scenarios and reasoning, the AI model consistently delivers accurate responses.

You may fail in your logic questions but for now, this is new. Over time Gemini will improve but overall, Gemini Advanced proves its competence in handling diverse problem-solving tasks.

Problem Solving


You must be having this question in your mind can Gemini write advance codes? The answer is that it can write pretty much complex and interesting codes for you.

However many content creators have done tests related to coding and they have found that Gemini Advance is still not that capable of writing write codes and it has made the codes quite complex. ChatGPT is more capable in coding tasks than Gemini but for now.


Image Generation

Gemini Advance can generate images for you seamlessly but according to me it is not that effective but it’s okay. Gemini can generate realistic images easily.

Users have experienced varying degrees of success in tasks requiring the AI model to understand and describe the contents of uploaded images.

For now, ChatGPT’s Dalle.3 has been able to generate better images but Gemini will also evolve gradually and it can generate better realistic images.

Image Generation
Image Generation

Image Interpretation: what’s in the Image

Many users have different reviews about the Gemini Advance’s ability to interpret images. Some content creators say that it is not very great in it.

According to my tests, Gemini Ultra does not interpret the images very well and it often gives wrong information about what is in the images.

Image Interpreter
Image Interpreter

Uploading PDFs

Notably, Gemini Advanced cannot upload PDFs for conversation, a feature available in other AI models. This limitation may hinder users who find value in discussing the contents of PDF documents directly within the AI platform.

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In Conclusion

Gemini Ultra will become more powerful with time and is a tough competitor to ChatGPT.

Despite the diverse experiences and reviews, there are aspects of Gemini Advanced that stand out positively. Its speed, integration with Google’s ecosystem through extensions, effective web searching capabilities, and the ability to modify responses easily contribute to a user-friendly and efficient experience.

The best thing about this is that we can use Gemini Ultra free for 2 months; no charge will be taken from you.

There will be flaws in any new thing and there will be some flaws in Google Gemini Ultra too but this is just the beginning as with time it will become a more powerful AI model and who knows, in the future, Gemini Ultra may overtake ChatGPT in AI race.

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