How to earn money with GPT Store (Full Guide)

Open AI has recently made the GPT store officially live for Custom GPTs on January 11, 2024, and has also talked about earning opportunities.

GPT Store is accessible to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise members. This is not freely available, if you have a free account, you will have to upgrade.

How you can list your Custom GPT in the GPT store and how you can earn money from it, we will discuss all this in this article today.

Overview of GPT Store & Functionalities

GPT Store
GPT Store

The GPT store is like an app store where instead of your apps you get a market of useful and popular custom GPTs that have been created by fellow users.

You can create and list your custom GPTs or access the most trending GPTs created by other people.

If you want to create custom GPTs then you can refer to this article which is a step-by-step guide with which you can easily create custom GPTs in 10 minutes without coding.

Search Feature

One most significant features is the “Search” of the GPT store, you enter any keyword in the search tab and it shows related useful Custom GPTs so you can explore public GPTs for your specific work.

But most of the GPTs are similar or perform the same task because more than 3 million custom GPTs have been created; hence it is very difficult to find uniqueness.

Search Feature of GPT Store
Search Feature of GPT Store



Secondly, in the GPT store, custom GPTs are differentiated by categories which show you the most popular GPTs which is a good thing. There are many more categories in it like Dalle, writing, programming, research, and lifestyle and open AI will also expand its categories as the GPT store gets updated.

Featured GPTs: A Spotlight Opportunity

Featured Area
Featured Area

There is a section in the GPT store called “Featured” which open AI promises and highlights useful and important custom GPTs weekly. Being featured could potentially lead to compensation when the payment system is implemented.

Is it possible to make money with GPT STORE?

Open AI has officially said that it will launch the revenue program in the first quarter (Q1) and the first step will be only for US creators who will paid based on engagements of their custom GPTs.

There is no monetization feature available for now but the payment system will be implemented soon in Q1 and that’s when you can earn money by increasing the engagement of your GPT.

How to Prepare Your Custom GPT to Revenue Program?

Now as mentioned above there is no monetization facility for now but soon OpenAI will launch a payment system and if you want to earn money from your Custom GPTs then you should start preparation from now. There are a few steps by which you can know which things you have to keep in mind so that you can earn money. You can check out these secrets one by one,

1. Build a Unique GPT

Open AI says that we have more than 3 million Custom GPTs so you can see that there needs to be some way and uniqueness to sustain your GPT.

You will have to brainstorm how your custom GPT will provide value to others, entertainment, or some utility by which users will engage with your GPTs. You have to brainstorm unique ideas and approaches to ensure GPTs capture user’s attention.

If your GPT is not unique and does not provide any value, then it will become similar to others and then it will become difficult for you to earn money by it.

2. Drive Traffic Strategically

Organic growth might be challenging, you have to drive initial traffic to the alternative sources. Consider leveraging existing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to showcase your GPT. Initial traffic is vital, even if modest, to boost visibility within the GPT store.

3. Generate Engagement

Focus on keeping users engaged with your GPT. Consider factors like how long users stay and how many you can attract. This will likely influence your compensation.

4. Learn the Art of Creation

Try to understand the creation of GPTs and analyze custom GPTs that are popular and useful. Once you learn the art of custom GPTs, how to make them efficient, and how to make them engaging so that you can retain users for a long time. The more you learn, the more you will earn.

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ChatGPT Teams Plan: New One More Announcement

ChatGPT Team Plan
ChatGPT Team Plan

Along with the release of the GPT Store, Open AI has also announced a new “Team Plan” which is a new step. This plan comes with 2 stunning upgrades one of which is that you can access GPT-4 with a 32K context window inside and it is very powerful.

The second is that the messaging capabilities have been increased so much that it means it can now give you a more versatile chat experience by remembering 4 times more conversations.

Teams subscribing to this plan enjoy higher message caps, vision browsing, advanced data analysis, and a secure workspace for seamless collaboration.

To upgrade the team plan, you will create an account on the official website of ChatGPT and click on the “upgrade” option. You will get the option of “Team Plan” which costs 25$ per month.

Our Final Thoughts!

In this article, we will talk about 2 new announcements one of which is a very big announcement and money-earning opportunity named “GPT Store” and the other exciting announcement is “Team Plan” whose features you can explore above.

As the GPT store unfolds, the focus should not just be on the current update but on the future revenue-sharing possibilities. Users are encouraged to be proactive, think creatively, and plan for the upcoming revenue program.

By combining unique ideas, effective traffic strategies, and a solid understanding of GPT creation, users can position themselves for success in this evolving landscape.

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