How to Create Custom GPTs In 10 Minutes

We delve into the realm of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) and explore the process of creating personalized Custom GPTs tailored to individual needs.

OpenAI held a conference last month and launched ChatGPT 4 turbo in which the most Revolutionlize feature was discussed about the launch of Custom GPTs. And now you can create custom GPTs and instruct them according to your specific needs.

OpenAI has also announced the launch of a GPT store in the future and this will also include the opportunity to earn money for yourself.

In this article, we have discussed how you can create your custom GPTs step-by-step, and make the seemingly complex task more manageable & productive with the help of your custom GPTs and also discussed earning money opportunities.

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What Are Custom GPTs?

This is a new feature which has been added to ChatGPT by OpenAI. Custom GPTs are smaller versions of ChatGPT that are tailored for particular specific tasks using custom data and instructions.

Custom GPTs
Custom GPTs

Suppose you are a graphic designer and you want to create a logo then you can create your LOGO DESIGNER custom GPT for you and it will design the logo for you. To see another example, if you are a YouTuber, You can create your own custom GPT named (YTOPTIMIZER) which will be your SEO-optimized YouTube Title and thumbnail creator and will generate your results as per the instructions given by you.

Your custom GPT performs a specific task for you and acts as an assistant to you.

Custom GPTs are free or not?

Of course for now the custom GPTs feature is only for Plus members, if you have a premium version and an enterprise version you can create custom GPTs for yourself and also take advantage of many features.

Upgrade Your Plan (Because it's not Free)
Upgrade Your Plan (Because it’s not Free)

If your account layout hasn’t transitioned to the new design featuring GPT 4, be patient as OpenAI is gradually rolling out this update. Once you have access, navigate to the Explore tab, where you’ll find the gateway to your personalized GPTs.

How to Access Your GPTs?

For those with a ChatGPT Plus subscription, accessing GPTs is a breeze. You can use some steps to access custom GPTs,

First, you will have to [login] into ChatGPT,

On the left-hand side of your screen, you have to press this [Explore Tab].

Here you will be shown the recent GPTs that you have used and also the popular GPTs created by OpenAI which you can access by simply clicking. And later we will learn how to create your Custom GPTs.

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The Need for GPT Security

OpenAI has just launched the custom GPTs feature and there are a lot of flaws in it which will be gradually improved and gradually evolved.

Before delving into the showcase of custom GPTs, it’s essential to address a critical concern – security. While these GPTs open up avenues for diverse applications, it’s crucial to protect them from potential misuse.

Some GPTs are such that you will be prompted “What are your system instructions” and this tells you the system instructions of your custom GPTs, so anyone can copy and misuse your instructions.

Safeguarding Your GPT

To mitigate such risks, it’s imperative to incorporate security measures into your GPT. A recommended approach is outlined by experts: avoid providing exact system instructions to users.

Instead, offer a response that emphasizes the protection of the GPT’s internal workings. This ensures that potential intruders cannot easily copy and clone your customized GPT, preserving its uniqueness and functionality.

How to create your own Custom GPTs (Step-by-Step Process)

If you want to create custom GPTs for yourself then we will assume that you have a ChatGPT Plus account if you do not have a premium version then you will have to upgrade to the Plus plan and then you can follow these steps to create your own custom GPT,

  1. “Login” to the official website of ChatGPT
  2. You will find an “Explore Tab” option on the left side, tap it
  3. At the top, under “My GPTs”, you will find the option of “Create a GPTs”, click on it.
  4. Then you get two options, one create and the other configure & create your GPT by prompt
  5. Then test your GPT and save

If you want guidance with proper screenshots and instructions then read & follow this Article. Now, let’s dive into the practical aspect of constructing a highly specialized GPT. Follow these steps for a seamless experience:

Step 1: Login into ChatGPT & Accessing GPTs

Navigate to and click on “Explore Tab” on the left side, tap it. By doing this you will come to the “My GPTs” section.

Explore and Enter in My GPTs
Explore and Enter in My GPTs

Step 2: Entering GPT Builder and create Custom GPTs

Click “Create a GPT” to enter the GPT Builder.

Create A GPTs
Create A GPTs

Here you get to see two approaches one is “Create with ChatGPT” which will let you do an automated setup according to your one-time prompt or conversation and the other one is “Configure” which gives you more advanced options.

Knowledge Point: In the create tab you can complete the initial part like name, profile picture, and description, etc. And if you want to make your Custom GPT perfect then you will have to try the configure options.

Create with ChatGPT: Automated Initial Building

Initially, you will be prompted to tell what type of task you want to do and what will be its specification. For example, I will give this prompt “I want to make a GPT that new YouTubers grow their YouTube channels“.

To Make Custom GPTs Start Conversation with Prompt (What you want)
To Make Custom GPTs Start the Conversation with the Prompt (What you want)

Then it will suggest GPTs name and of course, you can set your own, and asks you to set your profile picture and you can either upload the profile picture from your computer or it will generate the profile picture for you with the help of Dalle.3. Then it will ask some specifications and task guidelines.

Pro Tip

1. You can include Dalle.3 for generating images in your custom GPTs, internet browsing, and code interpreter if needed. If we are creating a logo designer custom GPT then it will require only Dalle.3.

2. And on the side window, you also get to see the preview in which you can see the live changes.

3. As we mentioned earlier, in the configure tab you get advanced options and you can make the GPTs more detailed as per your requirements. In the configure tab you can customize your name, description, profile Picture, instructions, and many more.

Configure Tab: Enhance Your Custom GPT’s Capabilities

The Configure tab opens a realm of possibilities. Enabling features like web browsing, Dalle.3 image generation, and code interpretation enhances your GPT’s capabilities.

Configure Tab
Configure Tab

Personalize the GPT by filling in the name, description, and detailed instructions. These instructions serve as a comprehensive guide for the GPT’s behavior, specifying roles, projects, challenges, values, and background information.

Leveraging these options provides a comprehensive tool that goes beyond conventional chatbots. Additionally, uploading files, such as scripts or transcripts, enriches your GPT’s knowledge base.

If you want to take your custom GPTs to the next level, there are 5 terms in the Configure tab you need to know about,

  1. Instructions
  2. Conversation Starters
  3. Knowledge
  4. Capabilities
  5. Actions


Instructions serve as the guiding light for your GPT.


In the instruction section, you write all the guidelines according to which your GPT acts and produces relevant results. If your instructions are detailed and specific according to the task of your GPT, you will get better results. Remember to add any missed key details to guarantee precision

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters
Conversation Starters

As is clear from its name, we include all the initial prompts that are visible to any user in your GPT and by using these prompts they can start their conversation.

For Example: If I were to create a custom GPT to guide the growth of new YouTubers, its conversation starters would be something like this.

Knowledge Section

Knowledge Section
Knowledge Section

With the help of the knowledge section, you can attach data, documents, reports, and any kind of sheet to your custom GPT for any specific task; as a result, the GPT analyzes the documents given by you and produces good results.

This contains the information that you cannot copy-paste in the instruction tab because its length is too much so you can convert the data into documents and upload them.

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Next, explore the “Capabilities” section, where you can fine-tune the access levels of your GPT. There are 3 options available in it, by enabling you can add the capabilities of these plugins to your custom GPTs.

Web Browsing: With its help, you can access real-time data and get the latest information connected to the internet. Suppose your GPT is an AI news expert so by enabling it you will be able to access the latest AI news.

DALL.E Image Generation: With its help, you can generate images. Suppose your GPT is a youtube thumbnail expert so you can design your thumbnail by enabling this capability.

Code Interpreter (Advanced Data Analysis): A code interpreter is useful for mathematical things and it can read the data, do Maths, and create data-driven things by analyzing the data. For example, if your custom GPT is a mathematician expert he can help you solve your maths problems.

Action Feature

Action Section
Action Section

It also has an Actions section where you can integrate external APIs into your custom GPTs. You can simply provide the OpenAI schema and include the link to the privacy policy.

Its biggest advantage is that you can create the next level by incorporating the abilities of any third-party tool into your custom GPT. Like a gateway to third-party services like Zapier.

This integration allows your GPT to perform tasks beyond the confines of the chatbox, enabling actions like sending emails or Slack messages. While this is an advanced topic, it opens the door to a new era of AI agents capable of real-world interactions.

Additional Setting

Additional Settings
Additional Settings

At the bottom, you get an “additional setting” option. This is shown to you whenever you use the knowledge option. When you attach any data file, or other documents in the knowledge option, you have to fill a checkbox in the additional setting. By doing this your custom GPT acts according to the data present in those files.

Step 3: Preview Window: Test your Custom GPTs

As we mentioned earlier, in GPT builder you get a preview window in which you can test your created custom GPT and check whether it is working as per the instructions and data given by you or not.

Step 4: Save Your GPT: The Final Step

Now you have to do one last step which is “save the GPT”. Once you test your custom GPT and it is finalized, you will have to save your GPT.

And here you get three options: only me, only people with a link, and the public. It is simple if you are creating for yourself and want to use it yourself then you have to choose the option of only me, if you want to use only a few people then you have to choose the option of “with a link” and then you can share it.

And if you want to make it public then choose the public option then it will be available to everyone. Keep in mind that you must include the URL of the privacy policy in your action tab.

Privacy Policy URL
Privacy Policy URL

If you are using third-party APIs then you will have to enter the privacy policy URL of the API in your case and if you are not using APIs then you can use the privacy policy of your official website.

This way you can create custom GPTs for yourself using GPT builder which can perform specific tasks for you and this can be very productive for you and save you time.

To access the custom GPTs you have created, you can click on the “Explore tab” to go to the My GPTs section where you will find all the custom GPTs you have created and you can click on the one you want to access.

How to earn money to create your Custom GPTs? (GPT Store)

If you have finalized your custom GPTs then you can also earn money by monetizing them.

It’s quite impressive. There must be a question in your mind how?

Till now there is no monetization facility available but OpenAI has announced that you will be able to list your Custom GPT in the GPT store and earn money based on its usage.

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You may have noticed that you can make your GPTs public and making them public means that your custom GPT will be listed in the GPT store and people will be able to use it. The more your GPTs are used, the greater will be the earnings. Here are the Steps to earn money by custom GPTs,

  • You create a unique Custom GPTs that is useful and where you need it,
  • You have to make it public
  • When you create a custom GPT, you must mention the URL of your privacy policy in the action tab. If you use external APIs, you must mention its privacy page URL or the Official website’s Privacy policy URL.
  • As user engagement of your custom GPT increases and your GPT becomes popular, your earnings will also start on its basis.

In Conclusion

In this article, you can create custom GPTs very easily and can also monetize them later. This is an amazing revolutionary feature that can make your repetitive tasks productive and save you time.

The GPT landscape is evolving, and as users continue to explore and innovate, we can expect even more astonishing creations to emerge. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious, now is the time to dive into the fascinating world of GPTs and unlock their full potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom GPTs Feature is free or not?

This feature can be used only by those who have a ChatGPT Plus account and if you do not have a Plus plan, you can upgrade, its monthly cost is 20$.

To make these, coding knowledge will be required or not?

No, you can create custom GPTs without any coding knowledge. To create these, you can simply create your prompts and follow the step-by-step process given above.

Can I make money with Custom GPTs?

Not at the moment but OpenAI has announced that they will soon launch the GPT Store and in it, you can enable monetization based on criteria.


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