Can I use Midjourney without Discord?

You may have many questions related to Midjourney but in recent times, you might have heard the news that you can use Midjourney without Discord server.

And you have heard this news from somewhere, that is why you are reading this article whether it is true or not.

So in this article, we are going to discuss whether it is possible to do Midjourney without Discord server or not, and if it is possible then how.

Let’s dive into this.

Is it possible to use Midjourney without Discord?

If you want to use Midjourney then you will have to use the Discord server and without a Discord account, you cannot use Midjourney.

However, Midjorney is also actively working on its web version and will launch its “/Imagine” soon.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

As of now, there is no official web version or app of Midjourney available that you can use. But in the next section, we will talk about the official Midjourney alpha website which very few people can access.

Official Midjourney Alpha Website (No More Discord)

Midjourney has launched its alpha version in which you can generate images on the Midjourney alpha website without discord but there is a catch you can use the alpha version of midjourney only when you generate 10K or more images. Only when you are done, you can access the alpha version.

Previously, access required a substantial 10,000 renders, but stay tuned as this threshold might evolve.

To check your eligibility, go to your Midjourney Discord account, type β€œ/info” and check your render details. If you’ve surpassed the render milestone, you’re ready to embark on the Alpha journey.

Check your produced images
Check your produced images

After confirming your eligibility, you can access it through its official URL.

After logging in, you will be able to access its dashboard where you can explore images by other creators or AI enthusiasts and generate images using the “/Imagine” feature.

Why does Midjourney use Discord?

This question will come to your mind as to why Midjourney does not create its interface, and why it uses a discord server.

The direct answer to this is that the founder of Midjourney himself has said that he had to create a community-focused product and Discord is the best and secure community platform.

David Holz, the founder of Midjourney, said in one of his interviews that the reason we took midjourney on Discord was so that people could be inspired by other people’s work and get ideas and all the people got one space where they could share their work and can express their work. discord is a secure community-based system.

How to use Midjourney Privately?

You may want to use Midjourney without Discord server because you are concerned about privacy. Discord is a social community in which everything you generate remains publicly available and all logged-in users can access and see it.

If you want to use midjourney but privately then don’t worry. There is a solution to your problem also.

We have written an article in which we have given some steps keeping in mind that you can use Midjourney privately and everything is covered in detail so you can check it out.

For example: Create your private discord server and connect Midjourney bot (Free and Recommended Method)

We have covered all of the steps and methods which can help you to access midjourney privately.

Our Recommended alternative to Midjourney

Midjourney is not a single AI Generative model but at this time there are many alternatives that you can use without a discord account and can also customize as per your requirements.

We have already used many alternatives but according to us, the best alternative is Leonardo AI. In Leonardo AI, you can generate AI images on its official website without a discord server.

Using Leonardo AI’s Image2Motion and Image2Image features, you can convert your images into motion videos and transform your simple images into AI characters.

Leonardo AI’s Realtime Canvas feature is the most amazing feature and is quite exciting; with the help of this feature, you can draw and generate AI images as per the prompt.

So if you do not want to use a discord account and want to maintain your privacy then you can use Leonardo AI which means you can generate these images on its official website.

In Conclusion

In this article, we saw that you cannot use Midjourney without discord server but midjourney is working efficiently on its web version so you will be able to generate images on Midjourney’s official website without a discord server in recent future.

There are many such alternatives to midjourney which do not require a discord account to use and you can generate images and do many other things on their official website.

Our recommended Midjourney alternative is Leonardo Ai in which you can do as much customization as you want and can also use motion video and image2image features.

Midjourney is constantly evolving so it is clear that Midjourney is working on its web version and soon you will be able to generate images on its official website. To stay updated about midjourney, you can subscribe to our blog and stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Midjourney require Discord?

For now, it is definitely mandatory to have a discord account to use midjourney, but in the coming few months, Midjourney will launch its web version and then you will be able to generate AI images on its official website.

Can Midjourney be accessed without Discord?

No, you are not accessed midjourney without discord

Can we use Midjourney for free?

However, for now, you cannot use Midjourney for free, you must have an active subscription to use it. The most basic plan costs 10$ per month but if you purchase any plan for at least 1 year, you get a discount of 20%.

Can I use Discord without installing it?

If you do not want to install Discord on your system then there is no problem, you can use its web version which will open directly in any of your browsers, you will simply have to create your account.

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