What Is Character AI Persona Feature [Use Effectively]

Character AI is a very popular AI Chatbot in which you get premade AI fictional characters with whom you can have personalized chat conversations.

Although you must know all this now in this article, we will talk about the new feature of Character AI, its name is Character AI Persona and we will also learn how to use it.

Among all the features introduced in recent months in character AI, the character AI persona feature is a stunning feature using which you can make your chat experience more personalized.

With the help of the persona feature, whatever characters you have a chat conversation with, they provide you with a personalized chat experience keeping your personality, biodata & behavior in mind and making you feel a real touch.

Many people know about this feature and are using it but if you are one of them who has come to know about this feature but does not know how to use it then in this article, we will tell you how to use the character AI Persona feature.

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What is the Character AI Persona Feature?

Character AI’s Persona feature allows you to represent yourself as per your wish. Character AI’s characters give you a personalized and real living chat experience in every conversation and the characters match your personality traits, mindset, and physical appearance to resemble your chat experience.

You can use this feature by simply creating a persona by going into your profile settings. In the next step, we will see how we can create a persona.

How to Create Character AI Persona Feature (Step-by-Step)?

Creating and enabling character personas is very easy. You can follow these steps to create a persona.

Step 1: Enable Persona Feature

If you are using the web version, the persona feature will already be enabled and will be found in the profile section. In-app version, you will have to enable the persona feature by following the steps:

  • Navigate to your “Profile” by tapping the icon at the top right
Navigate Dashboard & Click on the Profile
Navigate the Dashboard & Click on Profile

  • Click the “settings icon” button at the top right
Tap on Settings
Tap on Settings

  • Scroll down until you reach the preferences department and here you will find the “Persona” Tab.
Tap on Persona Section
Tap on the Persona Section

Character AI Persona
Character AI Persona

Now, tap the Persona button, and you’re ready to explore the possibilities.

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Step 2: Creating Your Persona

After clicking on the “Create New Persona” option, the persona-creating window will open where you will have to fill in the details of the “Persona name” and “Description”.

Creating Persona
Creating Persona

Persona name:

You have to give a name to your persona because if you create multiple personas then you will have to have AI characters and it will be easy to differentiate and interact with them. Keep in mind its maximum character length is 3 to 20 characters long.

Description (Mention your Desired Details):

This description is crucial as characters will remember and respond based on this information. The maximum character length is 728; the character length is kept short because if you want to mention a lengthy paragraph then many AI characters don’t understand well and work.

The more accurate and short the details are, the better your chat experience will be. This space allows you to communicate everything you want characters to know about you.

The official Character AI website suggests using First-person, By Category, or Third-person formats for inputting description text.

First Person:

In this you represent yourself with “I’m or I” like, I am 25 years old, I have brown hair, I like playing football, I like reading books, I spend most of my time working on my computer, I’m a YouTuber.

By Category:

Name: John Doe

Age: 25

Hobbies: badminton, football

Personality: Focus & Active

Skills: Graphic Design, web design, painting

Third Person:

If you have read tense in English grammar in your childhood then you will know that the third person means He, she, They, etc. For example,

His name is Steve, she likes flowers, she likes to play badminton, she is very cute, she has curly hair, she is 20 years old, and her height is 5 feet.

The default for all Chats:

If you want to apply a persona to all AI characters, you can enable it. By enabling this particular persona will become visible to all characters and all bots act according to it.

Default for all Chats
The default for all Chats


Note: It is recommended by character AI that your description should be simple and plain with simple words. There is no need to write very long paragraphs because character bots do not act the way you want. Write a general description about yourself within 728 Characters and keep it simple and plain.

Manage Your Personas:

Character AI allows you to have multiple personas simultaneously. You can effortlessly switch between them during conversations. Importantly, you can delete or edit personas at any time, offering flexibility and control over your virtual identities.

Multiple Personas (Credit- Character.ai)
Multiple Personas (Credit- Character.ai)

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In Conclusion

The character AI persona feature opens up the possibility of a more personalized and real-living Chat Experience with the character AI fictional characters.

By creating a persona present in your profile, when AI characters will have a chat conversation with you, those AI fictional characters will be able to recognize you by your persona and will chat with you according to your personality.

For convenience, you can also use the character AI template in which you can mention everything about your personality and create the persona easily.

Don’t forget, that you can have multiple personas, ensuring versatility in your online presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Persona in Character AI?

Persona is a feature of character AI in which you give some detailed information about yourself in the persona section (which is present in your profile setting), which means that when you have a chat conversation with any AI characters in character AI, those AI fictional characters will provide you personalized and real living chat experience with the help of the detailed information given in your persona.

Can I Create Multiple Personas?

Yes, you can create multiple personas so that you get a versatile chat experience and AI characters can interact with you according to your personas.

Does Character.AI have real people talking to you?

No, character AI is a chatbot AI model in which you get AI fictional characters who talk to you according to programmed data. But you can create a group in character AI and interact with your characters and your real friends at the same place.

Can I create custom personas for myself?

Yes of course you can create a custom persona for yourself and mention your traits, goals, personality, height interests, and many other details and you can also use Character AI templates to make it even easier. My recommendation is that you also use ChatGPT so that you can further customize your persona and achieve the results you want.

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