What is Lexica AI Art? Generate Stunning Images Using Lexica

Hey everyone, in this growing era of AI technology, you must have used many such generative AI tools that convert imaginary text into an image. Midjourney and Leonardo.ai are some of the open AI-based generative AI tools that you might be familiar with or have used.

In this article, we will learn about Lexica, what is Lexica AI Art, and how to use it.

I’ll be walking you through the process of utilizing Lexica AI Art to effortlessly produce a diverse array of images that you can use freely without concerns about copyright infringement for Personal use. I’m excited to showcase how Lexica AI Art can help unleash your creativity.

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Let’s Breakdown Lexica AI Art,

What is Lexica AI ART?

What Is Lexica AI Art Interface

Basically, Lexica is an image generator that generates images for you based on the prompts (Text) you provide. This innovative platform serves as a stable diffusion search engine, granting us the ability to generate a multitude of captivating images accompanied by relevant descriptions.

In this, you can not only generate images by giving your desired prompt, but you can also find your desired images by searching.

Its interface is quite easy to use, and the better your detailed prompt is, the better it will generate images. Understanding how to navigate and harness the potential of Lexica AI Art is the key to unlocking a wealth of visual content for your needs.

Create an Account on Lexica AI Art

As we have told earlier, its interface is quite simple and easy to use and everyone can use it. To embark on your creative journey with Lexica.Art,

Create an Account
Create an Account

  • So first of all we access its website by clicking this link Lexica.art
  • Then click on “Generate” located in the middle of the screen.
  • Now click on the text prompt field, after clicking A signup window will open
  • You have the option to log in using your email or your Gmail account, making the process even more convenient. It’s free

Thus, your account is successfully completed and this is a free plan so you get 16 images a month which is sufficient for fun or testing.

How to Generate Images using Lexica AI Art: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to generating images, Lexica Art provides a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

Begin by selecting the “Generate” option from the top menu. Here, you’ll be prompted to describe the image you envision and provide any negative prompts to refine the image’s content.

Give Your Desired Prompt and Negative Prompts
Give Your Desired Prompt and Negative Prompts

After clicking “Generate,” Lexica will swiftly produce multiple image variations based on your inputs. From this preset, you can select the image for yourself or if you do not like it then regenerate it.

Generate Images By giving Prompts
Generate Images By giving Prompts

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Features of Lexica AI Art

Lexica AI Art has a lot of features that are a good thing to have in a free plan. These features are explored here.

Note: In this, we have used the same prompt to describe the different features so that how you get the results after applying the features, that society should come.

1. Image Searching Feature

Image Searching Feature
Image Searching Feature

If you do not want to generate images by prompting or you do not understand what to prompt, then you can simply search for images and download whichever image you like. And those images which are not available from Searches, then you will have to generate them.

2. Set Customization Dimensions


When you are generating the images by giving a prompt, then in the right corner you get the option of dimension, which you can set according to your own.

3. Image to Image

When You use Image Feature
When You use Image Feature

Img2Img is a cutting-edge technique that generates new images from an input image and a corresponding text prompt.

4. Outpaint

Outpaint Option
Outpaint Option

Another feature is Outpaint. If you hover over the generated image you will get an outpaint option using which you can generate a wide look of your generated image. You can understand well from the example given below.

After Applying Outpaint Option
After Applying Outpaint Option

5. Models Support


There are 2 models available in Lexica which generate two different results in the same prompt.

Watch This!

Conclusion: Unleash Your Imagination with Lexica AI Art

In conclusion, Lexica AI Art is a platform based on a stable diffusion model that helps you a lot in image generation and enhances your creativity. Its intuitive interface, image generation capabilities, and customizable features make it an essential tool for artists, designers, and content creators. If you are an individual or want to use it for fun activities or personal use, then the free plan is enough for you. But if you want to do it professionally then you will need to upgrade it.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the capabilities of Lexica AI Art with us. If you found this article helpful, I encourage you to subscribe to our blog by submitting your email ID and get updated with AI tools and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laxica AI Art suitable for professional artists?

Laxica AI Art caters to artists of all levels, offering inspiration and tools for both amateurs and professionals.

Can I sell AI-generated artwork?

The commercial use of AI-generated art has some legal and ethical considerations. It’s advised to understand the implications before selling such art.

Is it available free plan?

Yes, a free plan is available but in this, you get 16 images per month.

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