ChatGPT can Now Design Anything | Introducing ChatGPT Canva Plugin

Sam Altman’s OpenAI Company has integrated the “Canva web design platform plugin” into the chatgpt chatbot, which generates images based on text or prompts.

With the integration of the ChatGPT Canva plugin, we can create stunning social media posts, logos, photos, and videos which are a necessity for business or content creators.


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Getting Started with Canva Plugin into ChatGPT

Before diving into the creative world of Canva’s plugin, make sure you have ChatGPT Plus, it costs around 20$ per month, and unlocks the power of plugins. If you don’t have ChatGPT Plus, it’s time to upgrade from the free version of chatgpt. So, let’s get started!

Activate the Canva Plugin: Start by going to the settings in ChatGPT and navigate to the Beta section. Make sure to activate plugins. Once done, you’ll see the plugin option right under settings.

Enable Plugins Option
Enable Plugins Option

click on the Plugins
click on the Plugins

Install Canva Plugin: Click on the plugin option and select “Plugin Store.” Search for the Canva plugin, then click “Install.” It’s as simple as that.

ChatGPT Canva Plugin

Activate Canva: With the Canva plugin installed, make sure to check the box next to Canva in your drop-down menu. Now, you’re ready to create stunning designs.

How to use ChatGPT Canva Plugin in ChatGPT

The plugin can generate images for specific purposes, taking advantage of the web design features of the service. After a text request or given prompt, the artificial intelligence offers several options for the image, which you can edit manually in the Canva workspace. Here’s how to make the magic happen:

Creating a Social Media Post for Instagram

Social Media Generated by Canva Plugin
Social Media Generated by Canva Plugin


Black Friday Template Generated by Canva PLugin
Black Friday Template Generated by Canva PLugin

For instance, say you want to create a social media post for your Black Friday sale on Instagram. Just tell ChatGPT something like, “Create a social media post for Instagram for my Black Friday sale.”

Here, we have given some screenshots which have been generated by the Canva plugin.

Editable In Canva
Editable In Canva

Each design template is customizable and editable within Canva, even if you’re using a free account. You can change color palettes, add text, and elements, and even upload your logo or additional design elements. Once satisfied with your creation, press “Share” to save it. Download the design as a PNG, and you’re ready to post it on Instagram or any other platform of your choice.

Creating a Logo for Your Business

Logos generated by Chatgpt Canva Plugin
Logos generated by Chatgpt Canva Plugin

Other logo by Chagpt Canva Plugin
Other logo by Chagpt Canva Plugin

The Canva plugin isn’t limited to just social media posts. You can also use it to create logos for your business. Simply prompt ChatGPT with something like, “Create a logo for my photography business.” Again, the plugin will kick in, providing you with various logo options that can be customized to fit your brand’s identity.

To customize your logo, click on the design template, open Canva, and edit it to your heart’s content. You can choose different color palettes, add text, and upload your logo or any other design elements you want to incorporate. Once you’re satisfied, save and download your logo.

Designing Videos for Promotions By ChatGPT Canva Plugin

Need a video for your upcoming product launch or book release? No problem! Ask ChatGPT to “Use the Canva plugin to create an Instagram Reel video to promote my upcoming launch.” Just like before, you’ll receive video templates tailored to your request.

These video templates are fully customizable within Canva. You can add your branding, customize the text, upload videos, and specify the launch date. When you’re ready, save and download the video, and you’re all set to share it on various video-based social media platforms.

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Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the ChatGPT Canva plugin is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the design process and makes it available to everyone, regardless of their level of design skills.

With the help of the ChatGPT Canva plugin, you can make many designing processes easy and save a lot of time, just you need ChatGPT Plus which costs 20$ per month.

All the templates you will generate with this plugin are editable and you can customize them according to your needs. Add logos, and elements, change fonts & color, etc. If you want to stay updated with such AI knowledge and want to save your job, then you should subscribe to our blog.

Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the ChatGPT Canva plugin on the free plan?

No, you need to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus to use this plugin which is 20$ a month.

Canva Platform is Free or paid?

Canva Platform Interface

Canva is a web design platform that is quite popular in the design industry. It is a freemium platform in which you can do a lot of work even in the free plan.

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