Silly Tavern AI overview & How to install it for Free

If you are looking for an alternative to character AI or want to overpower your chat experience with virtual characters then the Silly Tavern AI tool is worth it for you.

Silly Tavern AI provides you with an improved interface to AI models like Kobold AI & GPT.

If you are already using Tavern AI, then understand that it is an upgraded version of it because Silly Tavern is a fork of Tavern AI with loads of extra features.

In this blog post, we will tell you why Silly Tavern is good for you, what are its features, and how you can install it on your Windows, Android, and Mac without any hassle.

Are you ready to dive into the whimsical world of the Silly Tavern? Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a journey through this unique and enchanting virtual space.

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What Is Silly Tavern AI?

Silly Tavern AI
Silly Tavern AI

Basically, to put it in simple words, it is a virtual chatbot in which you can chat with virtual characters and it also supports NSFW so you can use it without any restrictions.

Silly Tavern is a fork or alternative version of Tavern AI with loads of extra features. But in Silly Tavern AI, many more features are available than expected for Tavern AI because more than 50% of the code has been rewritten and modified, due to which you get an amazing chat experience with virtual characters.

You have to install and set up it in your Windows or any device or run the cloud service. Further in this blog post, we will also see how to install it.

Its user interface is quite easy and if you want to do roleplay, fun activities, and just funny talk with virtual characters then you can experience Silly Tavern.

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Why use Silly Tavern AI

The user interface of Silly Tavern is quite easy and attractive which gives you the complete experience of a chatbot.

If you want a character AI alternative then Silly Tavern Aur Tavern AI is a very good option that you can use because it is easier to interact with other AI models like OpenAI, Koboldai, and Poe.

You can construct complex dialogues, your own characters, or scenarios for roleplaying games here. You can also work with AI characters to help them develop their personalities, histories, and plot lines.

It has more additional features than tavern AI so that it can do a lot of interesting things and makes its interface more simple and you do not have to face any problem.

In this way, you can use it and according to the installation guide, you can install it on your device.

Stunning Features of Silly Tavern AI

There are many possibilities and features available and it also depends on you how you use them, here are some features included which you can see:

  • It allows you to create an AI character for yourself with a name, image, and other details for role-play and has group-chat functionality where you can create multi-bot rooms by engaging multiple characters simultaneously.
  • Silly Tavern is capable of interfacing with many AI models such as Koboldai, Poi, Aapne, and others.
  • There are many platforms like “” and “character hub” which provide you with readymade characters that you can import and save a lot of your time.
  • It provides you with pre-made prompts like main prompts, NSFW prompts, Jailbreak prompts, and chat bookmarks, and also lets you edit messages or regenerate responses.

Overall it is an alternative to Tavern AI which has modified its codes and added additional features to improve your overall chat experience and you can try it.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Silly Tavern on Your Windows PC

Are you interested in installing Silly Tavern on your Windows PC? In this article, we will walk you through all the essential steps to help you get started with this powerful AI tool.

You may face some problems in its installation if you do not have a technical background. But don’t worry, we have given a step-by-step process in the article and a reference video is also given along with it.

Silly Tavern AI can be a valuable addition to your toolkit, by following these 3 steps, you can easily install Silly Tavern in your Windows.

Step 1: Installing Node.js

Before you can use Silly Tavern AI, you need to have Node.js installed on your PC. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that allows it to run smoothly. To install Node.js, follow these simple steps:

1. Download Node.js: Start by visiting the official Node.js website. > Click on the LTS (Long Term Support) version for a stable experience.

Node JS
Node JS

2. Installation: Once the Node.js installer is downloaded, click on the file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Node.js on your system.

Extract File & Install Node JS
Extract File & Install Node JS

With Node.js successfully installed, you’re now ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Download the GitHub Repository

To get Silly Tavern up and running, you’ll need to download it from its GitHub repository. Follow these steps to obtain the necessary files:

1. Visit the GitHub Repository: We’ve provided a direct link to the Silly Tavern repository. Click on it to access the repository.

Go To GitHub Site To download the Silly Tavern

2. Download the Repository: On the repository page, locate the green “Code” button and click it. From the dropdown menu, select “Download ZIP.”

Download Zip File For Silly Tevern From the Github Site
Download the Zip File For Silly Tevern From the GitHub Site

Step 3: Setting Up Silly Tavern

Once the Silly Tavern repository has finished downloading, follow these steps to set it up:

1. Extract the Files: Find the downloaded ZIP file and extract its contents. This will give you a folder containing all the necessary files.

Extract  File
Extract File

2. Locate start.bat: Inside the extracted folder, look for a file named “start.bat.” (for Windows) or “” (for Linux or Mac) and Double-click on it to initiate Silly Tavern.

Start bat file
Start bat file

3. Access Silly Tavern: Silly Tavern’s user interface will open in your default web browser.

Double Tap on the Start bat file
Double Tap on the Start bat file

In this way, Silly Tavern is successfully installed in your Windows and you can access it in your default browser.

Note: Keep in mind that the tool itself offers limited functionality until you connect it to APIs from services like OpenAI, koboldAI, and Poe. Note that accessing such APIs may involve additional costs.

If you have any doubts you can watch this video,

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How to use Silly Tavern with Poe AI for Free?

Silly Tavern, your gateway to conversing with AI entities, can be integrated with Poe AI as a reverse proxy. This enables seamless interaction with the AI-powered characters. If you’re eager to explore how to harness Silly Tavern with Poe AI, continue reading, as we uncover the process.

Initiating the Poe API Server

To embark on this AI adventure, let’s kickstart the Poe API server. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

Download Poe API Server: Begin by visiting the official GitHub link and downloading the Poe API server. For an optimal experience, we recommend using the Chrome browser.

Download Poe API Server
Download Poe API Server

Unzip and Run: After downloading, unzip the folder and run the app.exe file. This action will provide you with the essential IP address required for server connectivity.

Poe API Run File
Poe API Run File

Unzip and Run
Unzip and Run

Setting Up as a Reverse Proxy: Now that you have the server up and running, you can utilize it as a reverse proxy for Poe AI.

Launch Silly Tavern Interface: we can view the welcome screen of the it, now click the “API settings” option and choose “Chat completion API” Now click the settings icon >> Open the settings and enter (http://IP:Port/v2/driver/sage’ in) >> and fill the Proxy Password

Launch Silly Tavern Interface
Launch user Interface

Select Chat Completion
Select Chat Completion

Find Proxy Password: Visit Poe.AI in your browser, press F12 to open the developer console, navigate to the “Application” tab, and Go to cookie value >> >> p-b value. Paste this value into the proxy password input box.

Find Proxy Password
Find Proxy Password

Paste Proxy Password In Chat Completion
Paste Proxy Password In Chat Completion

Establish Connection: Open the API settings once more and click “Connect.” Wait patiently until the connection is validated.


It shows valid
It shows valid

Successfully Installed Silly Tavern AI
Successfully Installed Silly Tavern AI

Now you can enjoy Silly Tavern AI. Cheers

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Our Final Thought

Silly Tavern is a great platform where you can chat with any virtual characters whether you want to do roleplay, do fun activities and talks or want AI companionship. In this, you can create your own characters and scenarios or create a chatroom.

We hope you found this article informative and enlightening. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog by giving your email ID for more insightful articles like this. Thank you for joining us.

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