DALL·E 3 will launch in October and will integrate ChatGPT to make text-to-image conversion more granular

If this integration happens, ChatGPT will become more efficient in text-to-image generation. OpenAI’s DALL·E text-to-image model will become even more useful in its third generation and even convert detailed descriptive text prompts into detailed and accurate images.

DALL·E 3 is currently in the research preview phase and is expected to be available to ChatGPT Enterprise and ChatGPT Plus users via the API in October.

This new generation understands the details of text better than its previous generation and allows users to express their thoughts more easily through text.

Tip’s conversion into high-quality images represents “an advance in our ability to generate images,” OpenAI said on its official website.

The most advanced AI generation tools convert text prompts into artistic images of various styles, but writing correct text prompts can be challenging for many users. DALL·E 3 integrates ChatGPT to make it easier for users to complete precise text prompts. Text prompt.

In addition, DALL·E 3 has a new mechanism to reduce algorithm bias and improve security by adopting more protection measures to prevent the generation of harmful content.

Since OpenAI released DALL·E 2 last year, the market for AI-generated images has grown significantly, and competitors such as mid-journey and Stable Diffusion have also become increasingly popular, putting pressure on OpenAI. At the same time, this type of text-to-image conversion service has also become the target of copyright lawsuits. The world is even more concerned that false images and text information can be more easily produced and distributed on the Internet.

Our Final Thoughts

This way if DALL·E 3 is launched and it is able to integrate with chatgpt then chatgpt will be taken to the next level in terms of text-to-image and users need good prompts to generate good images. will happen.

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