Google Launches Most Powerful AI Advance Model Google Gemini

Google had said some time ago that we are working on an AI model that will be more optimal than ChatGPT and recently Google announced the Google Gemini AI advance model on December 6, 2023, details of which are in the article.

Google Bard has undergone a groundbreaking transformation with the introduction of its latest AI model, Gemini. In this article, we’ll delve into the revolutionary Gemini, exploring its features, capabilities, and how you can start using it today.

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Introducing Google Gemini

Gemini is the latest AI model of Google Bard which has been introduced by Google Deepmind. And it is a capable and comfortable model that can be a tough competitor of ChatGPT.

Gemini 1.0 comes in three sizes,

Gemini Ultra,

Gemini Pro,

And Gemini Nano

Google Gemini Sizes
Google Gemini Sizes

You cannot currently access Gemini Ultra which is said to be more capable than GPT 4. It is likely to be launched in 2024 but for now, you can access Gemini Pro which is equally capable as ChatGPT 3.5. Gemini Nano is for smaller devices such as phones and tablets which are not as capable.

Gemini’s Performance vs. ChatGPT’s Performance

In benchmarking tests, Gemini Ultra demonstrated superiority over GPT 4 in various subjects, achieving a remarkable 90% in the MMLU test, covering 57 different subjects. To know more, you can refer to this article.

Google Gemini Source- Google Article
Google Gemini Source- Google Article

Extra Capabilities Source- Google
Extra Capabilities Source- Google

Gemini Ultra’s prowess extends to image recognition, where it outperforms GPT 4 in tasks like OCR document understanding and infographic comprehension.

Gemini Pro, available for use now, competes favorably with GPT 3.5, showing substantial improvements in coding tasks, including Python code generation and competitive programming in Python, Java, C++, and Go.

Google Gemini Some Advance Features

Google Bard has some features that provide it with extra possibilities, which are simple and also quite similar to ChatGPT.

Initiate a New Chat: Start a new chat with Bard, upload images (It’s not working as well because it is in experimental mode), or use the microphone icon for voice prompts.

Optimize Settings: Explore settings, including light and dark modes, and customize your prompts based on your preferences.

Utilize Starter Prompts: For quick and efficient content generation, you are given starter prompts which come with new prompts every time you refresh. These prompts cater to various needs, such as product name suggestions or copywriting.

Starter Prompts
Starter Prompts

Public Links: Generate public links to share your research or interactions with others easily. This feature streamlines collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Extensions Capabilities

Google Bard Extensions
Google Bard Extensions

Google Bard currently boasts five extensions, including flights, hotels, and maps. In this, you also get to see these prompt starters which you can use according to yourself. For broader utility, activate the Google Workspace and YouTube extensions.

YouTube Integration: With Bard’s YouTube Vision, you can extract information from videos efficiently. The tool allows you to summarize videos, making it a time-saving option for content consumption.

Google Workspace Integration: Bard seamlessly integrates with your Gmail account and Google Drive. It can analyze emails, providing insights into urgency or deadlines. Additionally, it offers a convenient way to access and analyze documents stored in Google Drive.

Google Maps: With this extension, you can gather location-based information from anywhere and utilize it through the map.

Google Hotels: It works like your personal assistant. With its help, you can choose the best hotels for yourself by refining the hotels according to your needs and plan.

Google Flights: With the integration of this extension, you will be able to gather real-time flight information for your personalized travel planning.

These actions enhance Bard’s capabilities, especially when coupled with the amazing extension.

The Powerhouse behind Google Bard

Google Bard is currently powered by the Gemini AI model, succeeding models like AIS Palm 2. Keep in mind that Gemini has different versions, with Gemini Pro being the current model in use. The future might see the introduction of Gemini Ultra, offering enhanced capabilities.

In Conclusion

As of December 6, 2023, Gemini Pro is available for use in the future; there is a possibility to access the Ultra version coming year.

The Ultra version is more capable than GPT 4 according to experts and let’s see in the future who will outperform and who will emerge as a better AI model.

In this article, we have presented Gemini comparisons with ChatGPT. And it has also added some capabilities which make it a better AI model. Google Gemini is an AI Model which is still in the initial state, more updated versions will come in the future and they will be more capable.

As Gemini continues to evolve, its impact on various industries and daily life is likely to be profound, setting a new standard for multimodal AI capabilities.

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