Freedom GPT: Installation & How To Use It?

If you are looking for an alternative to ChatGPT or you are tired of the limitations of ChatGPT then there is an alternative to ChatGPT in the market whose name is Freedom GPT and in this, you do not have to face any limitations.

Freedom GPT is a chatbot that does not follow any kind of rules, regulations, restrictions, or censorship and you can ask it any question or explore any topic you want without any fear of consequences.

In this article, we have explained Freedom GPT, how to use it, how to install it on your local device, and given some of its benefits and some questions about it that may come to your mind.

So let’s explore the Freedom GPT.

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What is Freedom GPT?

Freedom GPT Interface
Freedom GPT Interface

Basically, freedom GPT is a chatbot exactly like chatGPT which generates answers for you and translates languages and the added advantage is that you do not have to face any limitations or censorship.

It is an open-source language AI model that uses the NLP (Natural Language Processing) model. It works on the GPT3 model which is a very advanced model.

It is different from Chatgpt because Chatgpt has a censorship filter that filters out harmful words and phrases so that it is safe for the users and there is no harm. Because of this filter, there are limitations in chatGPT and you cannot go beyond these limitations. But Freedom GPT does not have any filters as such; rather it has an ethical framework that generates content that is respectful, relevant, and responsible.

You install Freedom GPT locally on your device and then we will tell you how and from where to install it.

Benefits of Freedom GPT

Freedom GPT is different from chatbots. These few points will tell you why you should use freedom GPT and why it is more appropriate for people who want an alternative to ChatGPT.

No Limitations or Censorship

Freedom GPT’s standout feature is its lack of censorship or limitations. Unlike other AI models that may restrict content, Freedom GPT offers a truly liberating experience. It doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, making it a valuable tool for writers exploring various genres and subjects.

Offline Use capability

If you have a network problem or the internet is not working properly then you can run it by downloading it on your Windows or Mac.

Install Locally on any Device

You can install it and run it locally on your computer and it does not require any special requirements to install it. It is installed on your local device so your data is secure because it does not use any third-party company to store the data.

On the other hand, if you look at chatGPT it stores all our data in its OpenAI server. And if ever in future there is a data breach problem then there are chances of your privacy being violated.

Open-source Model

Freedom GPT is an open-source AI chatbot model that uses NLP and is not owned by the government or any third-party companies; hence it is free from censorship and can touch any topic of your choice.

As we have mentioned, this is an open-source model, hence it can be customized and extended by its contributors.

Freedom GPT is at a moment in which it is developing rapidly, which means it will work even better in the future and will be able to provide even more outstanding results.

How to Use Freedom GPT?

To use Freedom GPT, you need to install it in your Windows or Mac or you can also access its web version by visiting its official website.

Freedom GPT Web Access
Freedom GPT Web Access

Simply, you can download it on your desktop or use its web version and give it your own accordion prompt or start typing.

When you use its web version, you will get access to its official website but there are some limitations in asking questions.

When you want to download and use it on your device, you have to go through some technical things but don’t worry, we have given some steps which you can easily install by following them.

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Requirements to Install Freedom GPT Locally on Device

A few requirements will be required to run freedom GPT. These specs are mentioned here, you can check whether they are fulfilled in your Windows or Mac or not.

1. The first one is your processor, if you have an Intel processor and it has AVX2 mentioned, then your PC is compatible with running Freedom GPT.

To check whether AVX2 is available in your Intel processor, you can go to Intel’s official website and search your processor name to see whether AVX2 is available in your processor.

Some AMD processors also work, but However, it is not compatible with all AMD processors.
2. Talking about RAM, you should have a minimum 8 GB RAM but 10 GB RAM is recommended.
3. This works on any operating system like Windows 10/11, Linux, and macOS. Hope you have one of these.
4. If your system has a traditional hard drive, Freedom GPT may take time to load, but if you have an SSD, it will work fine.

These are some of the requirements that need to be fulfilled to run it, otherwise, you may have to face some problems.

How to Download & Install Freedom GPT on Windows or Mac Locally

As we know there is a limit on asking questions in its web version and this site can also be down and the internet is required to run it. By installing it locally on your device, you will be able to run it offline and your data will also remain secure because all the data will be stored in your local device.

There are many methods to install it, some of which we have shared, by following which you can use it by downloading it on your Windows or Mac.

Let’s dive into the Steps,

Step 1: In the first step, you go to this “link

GitHub Freedom GPT
GitHub Freedom GPT

Step 2: Now click on the “Green Code” button which is presented on the right side.

Green Code Button
Green Code Button

Step 3: Now you will get a “Download Zip” option at the bottom, download that zip and extract this zip file on your computer.

Download ZIP File
Download ZIP File

Step 4: Copy the “yarn Install” command and run it into the command prompt

Copy Code For Install Yarn & Its Depandies files
Copy Code For Install Yarn & Its Depandies files

Step 5: Finally to start the application you have to run the command “yarn start: prod” After that it gets installed successfully.

yarn Install
yarn Install

Note: While installing the Freedom GPT, sometimes, you may see “the path is not recognized,” which creates difficulties; for that, these links, node.js, and  GitHub, can aid you.

Some Downsides of Freedom GPT

Freedom GPT is a stunning and innovative chatbot for those who want to experience an uncensored chatbot experience. It comes with some limitations and challenges so users have to keep it in mind and be responsible while using it.

As we come to know there is no filter in freedom GPT and it is an uncensored chatbot. Therefore, due to the lack of filters, it can generate content that is harmful, offensive, inappropriate, or illegal, so users need to be responsible when using it and take responsible actions.

It should also be kept in mind that its use should not violate any laws and names of our society and should be respectful.

As we know it is in a developing phase so you may see some errors, glitches, and bugs so you have to have some patience while using it. And if you have any issue then you can report it.

Powerful chatbot Freedom GPT consumes a lot of data and computing resources. This implies that depending on the availability of these resources and data, it can be constrained in terms of the speed, quality, or variety of its responses. When using Freedom GPT, users should be reasonable and realistic in their expectations.

Is Freedom GPT Safe?

Freedom GPT is an open-source AI model chatbot that does not have any filters like ChatGPT and produces unrestricted content.

However, there are ethical and safety concerns due to the absence of content monitoring. Therefore, when using it, users should use caution and critical thinking.

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The Future of Freedom GPT

Freedom GPT is in an under-development phase and in the future it will be more customized and will be upgraded so that in the future it can be a revolutionized AI Industry that will have no censorship and will be more safe.

Not now but in the future it will become such an open source model which will have its own place and which will become a useful project for the people.

Our Final Thoughts!

Freedom GPT is an open-source AI chatbot that works on the GPT3 AI model which is an advanced model and it uses an NLP (natural language processing). It is open source so it is free for everyone and it can be customized and extended by its contributors.

We use it for content writing, research, customer service, or exploring any topic and it does not have filters like chatGPT, hence we can use it without limitations.

In this article, we have explained a step-by-step guide on how to download it and how to use it and we have also briefly explained its online and offline versions, whichever is suitable for you, you can use it.

We hope that if you are looking for an alternative to ChatGPT, then Freedom GPT can prove to be a perfect alternative for you.

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