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If you are looking for a free Text-to-Video AI generator then here is your search ends because Pika Labs AI is amazing Text-to-video, image-to-video, and video-to-video AI generative which Comes with stunning features. This article is a full tutorial in which, we discuss how to use Pika Labs AI text-to-video generator.

If you want to get started with Pika Labs AI Text-to-video generator then this article is an advanced tutorial and if you are already using it and want to know about the latest updates and features then you can refer to it because this article is a package. In which we have covered all of the smallest details of Pika Labs AI.

 Let’s get started with this step-by-step tutorial,

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What is Pika Labs 1.0?

Pika Labs AI is an AI generative that can create videos from the text and images given by you. Recently some features have been updated about which we will talk later.

Pika Labs can also convert your videos into AI videos, you can replace your simple video with an anime, and in the Pika 1.0 version, you can also change the aspect ratios so that you can create your video as per your platform’s standard size.

Create Your Account & Basic Interface Understanding

To use Pika Labs AI, you do not need to go to the discord server; you can access it on its homepage, and that too in a very easy way.

To use Pika Labs AI, you will have to create an account on it. To create an account,

First of all, go to the Pika Labs AI signup page (https://pika.art/login),

Where can you sign up with “A Google account” or “Discord account” if you have a Discord account you can sign up with your Discord account.

Signup Window of Pika Labs AI
Signup Window of Pika Labs AI

After successfully signing up, you will get the dashboard of Pika Labs AI.

Understanding Basic Interface

User Interface
User Interface

The interface of Pika Labs is very easy to use and you can use it with just a few clicks. You’ll find an “Explore” tab where you’ll get a bunch of video prompts to help you understand what’s possible, and next to that, you’ll find a “My Library” section where you’ll be able to access videos you’ve created.

In the top right corner, you get to see a view grid of 4 squares in which by default videos are displayed or you can choose a wide grid of 2 rectangles in which you see each video in full screen which is in full resolution.

Look at the below and you get a generator with which you can generate video using the prompt there are some other features too which we will talk about in the next step in this article.

How to use Pika Labs AI?

In this section, we will see how you can generate videos from your prompts and image reference and you can also convert your videos into different style forms by uploading them. You can also improve the quality of your videos by upscaling them. So let’s learn it all one by one.

1. Generate Videos from your Text (Text-to-Video)

Pika Labs AI is more popular for text-to-video AI Generation, to use the text-to-video feature, you simply type text in the “chat message box” and click on the “Star shape button”.

Text-to-Video Pika labs ai
Text-to-Video Pika labs ai

You will be able to see your progress in the “My Library” section, it has taken some time for the video generation but sometimes it has stopped which is natural so don’t be frustrated.

If your video is perfectly generated in one go then that’s okay, but it’s not perfect then you can click on the option of “Retry” and generate different videos for the same prompt. At least after generating the video 3 times, you will get your desired video.

Retry & Reprompt
Retry & Reprompt

You can modify your prompt by clicking on the option of “Reprompt”, and generate the desired video.

2. Generate Videos From your Reference Photos (Image-to-video)

To get the most consistent results, especially human generation, you can utilize reference images. By uploading reference images you will be able to generate better videos. If you have given images without reference, then you can generate a video as per your requirement, just with the help of a prompt. That’s why you must use reference images. To use this feature,

Upload images from your computer by clicking the option below “Image or video“,

Then you can generate your AI-generated video by clicking on the “Star-shaped” button. You can give prompts as per instructions or not, it will still work.

Image-to-video feature
Image-to-video feature

Now your video is generated successfully and if you don’t like the result you can “Retry”.

Here is the Example, I upload that reference Image,

Girl Image

Here is the result,

result here

3. Generated Videos from Your Reference Video (video-to-video AI)

Video-to-Video Feature
Video-to-Video Feature

Video-to-video-AI is a very impressive feature that shows off the advanced capabilities of Pika 1.0. In this, you can convert your simple video into any AI-generated style video by uploading any reference video of yours like anime, illustrator, or more. So let’s take a look at how much it works and how to use it,

You can upload your reference video by simply clicking on the “image or video” option again,

And In whatever form you want to change, give a related prompt. Keep in mind you should give a negative prompt because the video-to-video feature can deform and wrap your generated video.

Tip: I would suggest here that whatever video reference you are uploading, it should be small and slow motion which is why Pika 1.0 gets confused because if your video is longer and more motion driven then there will be a lot of deformities in the generated result. Rest this is a good feature that you can use creatively.

6 Important New Features

In this section we will discuss some new features that take your video generation to the next level, so let’s see these features one by one.

1. Aspect Ratio

You can change aspect ratios of your generated video and an Aspect ratio which is the ratio between the height and the width of the video. To change the Aspect ratio of the video,

To change it, below the prompt box you will find the “Video Options” button, click on it and you will get “aspect ratios” like 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:2, etc.

Aspect Ratio Pika Labs
Aspect Ratio Pika Labs

Here you will also get the option of “Frames per Second” which ranges from 8 to 24 but you should not change it but leave it by default if you’re a beginner.

2. Upscale your video

There’s also the video upscaling feature which you can use to upscale the resolution by 2 times if we open up the video player interface and in the bottom panel select the upscale option it’ll automatically start a video upscaling job.


Upscaled Image
Upscaled Image

3. Video Extend Feature (Add 4S)

Video extend feature, this is a really good feature of Pika 1.0 which increases the duration of generated videos. By default the videos generated in Pika Labs are of 3 seconds and with this feature, you can add 4 seconds and can add it multiple times.

Add 4S
Add 4S

4. Use Parameters

In this, you get some parameters with which you can enhance your videos and these parameters are,


Negative Prompt

To enhance the quality of our videos we use negative prompting and with its help, we can avoid elements that we do not want in the generated video.

At the bottom right of the prompt box, you will see 2 lines, click on it and you will get the negative prompt box where you can enter keywords like deform, distort, oversaturated, or ugly and guide Pika 1.0 to avoid certain undesirable elements.

Seed & text Consistency

Basically “seed parameter” is used to maintain the consistency of your videos.

Seed is randomness so if you generate two videos using the same seed the video will be the same which is kind of useful for debugging specific prompt keywords

The “consistency with the text” parameter measures the consistency of your prompt, the higher its value the more it will follow your prompt, and the lower the value the less it will follow your prompt.

If you can generate any video and you feel that the video is not generated as per your prompt then you can do higher it but I suggest 20 is enough.

5. Motion Control

Motion Control
Motion Control

Pika 1.0 introduces a sophisticated camera motion control feature, enabling users to add dynamic elements to their videos. From rotations to zooming, the motion slider governs the intensity of these actions.

This feature empowers creators to infuse life into their animations and achieve desired visual effects.

6. Outpainting Video: Expand Canvas

Expand canvas allowing users to stretch videos to fit specific aspect ratios.

When you see any video in my library, there is an option “edit” and you click on it, below the prompt box you see two options, “modify region” and “expand canvas” in which expand canvas is an outpainting tool which is useful for you. You can change the aspect ratio of the canvas of videos and you can adjust your videos in that aspect ratio.

It enables users to customize the region of the video and achieve cinematic effects.

For Example,

I have chosen the Video that I Generated earlier and its canvas size is 16:9

Click On Edit
Click On Edit

Expand Canvas
Expand Canvas

Expand wide Size
Expand wide Size

Earlier its ratio was 16:9 and now we have changed the canvas to a new size of 5:2.

This Version is Extended
This Version is Extended 5:2

7. Video Inpainting: Modify Region

Modify region, this is a very incredible tool with which you can add elements to your videos whether adding accessories to a person, giving a cinematic look to the videos & removing or replacing a specific section of your videos.

Play around with different prompts to see the diverse outcomes achievable through video inpainting. this feature opens new avenues for creative expression.

here is an examples you can Understand better,

Click on Modify Region and Select Box where you add or remove things
Click on Modify Region and Select Box where you add or remove things

Added sunglasses
Added sunglasses

Watch This!

In Conclusion

There will be many twists and turns in the journey of Pika Labs AI and it will push its boundaries further. Pika Labs can be a game changer for content creators and the best part is that it is free for all users right now with 300 Credits (Each 1-second video = 5 Credits).

In this article, we have discussed how to use Pika Labs text-to-video AI Generator and understood many of its useful features. There has been a lot of improvement in video quality compared to the beta version which is a good step.

Whether you are a beginner a seasoned artist or a creator, you can use it easily because its interface is very user-friendly and even if you have any problem, you can contact us.

Pika Labs AI has just started its journey, many updates will come in the future and there will be many new features and improvements that will give you a lot of value and can bring a change in the industry of video creation.

To stay updated with this change, you can subscribe to our blog and share this article with those who are content creators or AI enthusiasts.

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