ChatGPT can Proofread your articles and also check for typos, polish articles, and change style

When talking about chatgpt ‘s article application, many people may only think of article writing, i.e. Are there any typos in the content of your proofreading article? Change some awkward sentences to make them more fluid or present the content in a different style. Here are some practical tips for ChatGPT articles.

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Ask ChatGPT For Help Checking the Article for Typos

As a writer, I have to write several articles every day. There are probably a lot of people like me. After writing, they are too lazy to go back and proofread the manuscript. 

It may only take a few minutes, but for some reason that makes me lazy. People are very resistant and want to submit this article straight away and then move on to the next article. 

If you have this problem often and don’t want to check if the article contains typos, you can ask ChatGPT for help. I’ve been feeling this way for a while.

It’s very easy to use: just throw the content into the ChatGPT chat window and then ask it to help troubleshoot. No special prompt instructions are required. Of course, if you know how to place a prompt, the results will definitely be better and more in line with your desires.

After submitting the content to ChatGPT, I added —– at the bottom so that it was clear what I was talking about, and then said, “Please check the above content carefully for typos.” Any useful words, if any. If they are inappropriate, please make suggestions.” Here you can change or add other content as you wish, such as B. “Give the unpleasant sentences a better version.

This is the GPT 3.5 result using the free version of ChatGPT, which correctly identifies the typos I made intentionally:

The same applies to using GPT-4, and the answers obtained are obviously better. It also offers suggestions on some areas it thinks need improvement, unlike GPT-3.5 which only finds typos. However, in GPT-4, the term “Duo” is not a typo, but an informal term:

However, I would like to remind you that ChatGPT’s support for Chinese is currently not as good as for English, so it is still possible that the words are not recognized correctly. Therefore, it is not recommended to believe it 100%. You can use it helps to find errors quickly.

In addition, it is advisable not to post everything at once for long articles, but to ask several times. This not only reduces the error rate but also makes the original text easier to read.

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Polish Content

Those who don’t write articles often must have experienced situations where the content doesn’t read well no matter how they write it. At this time, you can also leave it to ChatGPT to make it more smooth.

The question method is also very simple. You can refer to mine. After pasting the content, use the same —– to separate it, and then say to ChatGPT: “Please help me modify the above content to make it easier to read.” ChatGPT will reorganize this content and express it more fluidly, and it is not just a simple reorganization but a real “re-expression”.

Change Article Style

This is somewhat similar to the previous one but has added more style. For example, if your content is intended to be used on more important occasions and you want to use more professional and formal words, you can throw it into ChatGPT and allow Help to place the content in it. 

Retouch it to look more professional. Or maybe you feel like the content you write is too literate and rigid. You can also have ChatGPT convert it into a more colloquial and relaxed expression. I think this is very useful.

After pasting the content, tell ChatGPT the style you want, e.g. E.g.: “Present the above content in a more professional manner

More Practical ChatGPT Article Tips

Additionally, ChatGPT can actually be helpful when editing articles. Here are some quick ideas for your reference:

  • Make the content of the article more concise (you can add as many words as necessary).
  • Change the content of the article to a word count suitable for sharing on a specific social platform
  • The wording becomes more precise
  • Make the content more objective
  • Improve the paragraph structure of the article content to make it more logical
  • Organize article content into lists
  • Add more information

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