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If you are an AI enthusiast then you must know that Midjourney is an amazing text-to-image AI generation platform where we can generate whatever image we want by submitting a desired prompt.

After ChatGPT it is trending the most and it has grabbed the attention of many people that is why many people keep searching on the internet about Midjourney Promo codes that is why we have discussed a few points in this article.

Unfortunately, we did a lot of searches, checked Twitter accounts, and also looked on the official website of Midjourney but we regret that till now no Midjourney Promo code is available.

In this article, we have discussed some free Midjourney alternatives and will also see how we can buy midjourney with a discount.

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Keeping updated about the Midjourney Promo Code

From our side, we have continuously monitored the official website of midjourney, searched its discord server, and also researched on the internet but as we told you earlier, as of now midjourney promo code is not available.

But if we get any update regarding the Midjourney promo code, we will definitely mention it in the blog, so subscribe to our blog and you will keep getting updates.

Through this article, we are trying to save you maximum money and get valuable insights.

Let us see some ways in which you will get a discount and we have also mentioned some alternatives which are also free or generate limited images.

Midjourney cost without Promo code and discounts

As we have mentioned earlier when you buy the paid plan of Midjourney, Midjourney does not accept any promo code so that you can get any discount but you can save some money with the method given below.

Midjourney Free Trial

Midjourney also provides a free trial. In the free trial, midjourney offers you 25 images for free generation and it generates a grid that has 4 images so it lets you generate 100 images absolutely free.

But here is bad news for you Midjourney has stopped the free trial for now due to heavy usage. And there is only one way to use Midjourney, you will have to purchase it.

Midjourney Free Trial
Midjourney Free Trial

Whenever a free trial becomes available on the Midjourney official site then we will notify you, for this you can subscribe to our blog.

Annual Midjourney Subscription: Save 20% on Midjourney

Monthly Plans
Monthly Plans
Yearly Plans
Yearly Plans

Midjourney has not given any promo code but before you commit to any plan, take note of the annual billing option. It’s available for the Basic Plan, allowing you to save 20% on your subscription. Instead of paying $10 per month, you can switch to an annual plan, reducing your monthly cost to $8. While this discount is tempting, it’s crucial to assess whether the 200 generations per month will be enough for your requirements.

By annual purchase, you secure yourself with your money so that even if its pricing increases in the future, you will have received it in the same amount.

As we have seen the need and demand for Midjourney is increasing and as a result, Midjourney can add some additional cost to its subscription so that the annual subscription will be quite affordable for you.

Choosing the Right Midjourney Subscription without any Midjourney Promo code

When you arrive at the pricing page, you’ll be presented with three subscription options. Let’s focus on the first two: the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan. The third option, the Pro Plan & Mega Plan, caters to specific needs.

All Midjourney Subscription Plans
All Midjourney Subscription Plans

Basic Plan – 10$ Per Month

The Basic Plan, priced at $10 per month, is designed for those who are new to Midjourney and wish to give it a try. You’ll have access to 200 generations per month. Considering that Midjourney generates four pictures with each prompt, that’s approximately 800 pictures in total.

The Basic Plan is an excellent choice for those who want to dip their toes into Midjourney’s capabilities.

Standard Plan – $30 per Month

The Standard Plan, priced at $30 per month, offers significant benefits over the Basic Plan. With this plan, you receive 15 fast hours for your generation. You can generate pictures in relaxed mode without any limits.

The Pro Plan – Tailored for Professionals

The Pro Plan, priced at $60 per month or $48 per month with annual billing, is designed for users who plan to use Midjourney for professional purposes. In this plan, you receive double the fast hours, giving you extensive processing power.

With the Pro Plan, you can generate images in private mode, ensuring that your creations won’t be visible on the Mid-Journey website. This feature is particularly important for those who require privacy and confidentiality in their work.

This feature is invaluable for users who use Mid-Journey extensively for their creative or professional projects.

The Mega Plan – 120$ Per Month

If you find yourself in the league of heavy content generators, requiring 60 hours of GPU time per month to fuel your creativity, then the Mega Plan from Mid-Journey is tailor-made for you. With its cost-effectiveness, resource abundance, and enhanced project management features, it’s the ideal choice to supercharge your content generation journey.

Mega Plan is not recommended for everyone. it is only for companies & agencies.

In conclusion, the choice of a Mid-Journey subscription plan ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals. If you’re new to Mid-Journey and wish to explore its capabilities, the Basic Plan is an excellent starting point. The Standard Plan offers a robust package with 15 fast hours and unlimited relaxed generations, suitable for most users. The Pro Plan & Mega Plan, with their increased fast hours, privacy features, and concurrent job capabilities, are tailored for professionals who rely on Mid-Journey for their work.

Midjourney Alternatives

If you do not want to purchase any subscription plan for midjourney and you only need midjourney for a short period of time then you can also use these few alternatives which will be valuable for you.

Leonardo AI

Blue Willow

Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Playground AI

Adobe Firefly

Dream Studio


In the world of AI image generation, creativity knows no bounds. These AI tools have ushered in a new era of creative possibilities, empowering content creators with the ability to bring their visions to life. Each of these tools comes with its own set of features and limitations, so it’s essential to choose the one that aligns best with your needs and preferences.

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Our Final Thoughts!

Currently, there is no Midjourney Promo code available but we all know how useful midjourney is and how many desired images it helps generate.

I mentioned in this article that midjourney has just ended its free trial due to heavy usage and you will have to buy it to use it. We have discussed Midjourney subscription plans and our conclusion is that you can buy the basic plan if you want to try Midjourney or see its capabilities. For the rest the standard plan is perfect.

To save 20% you can buy annual plans, it will be very valuable and efficient for you.

And if you do not want to invest money in Midjourney then in this article we have also discussed some free alternatives. you can use Leonardo Ai or Blue Willow, both are good.

And for this type of updation, you can subscribe to our blog and stay updated. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Midjourney Promo Code

Is the Midjourney promo code available?

No, there is no Midjourney promo code available right now but we will update you if it becomes available in the future.

For now, if you want to save money, you can buy an annual subscription; in this, you get a discount of 20% which is also available in the basic plan.

Is a free trial of MidJourney available?

Due to heavy demand, Midjourney has stopped its free trial for now. In the free trial, you can generate 100 images for free which is not available yet.

I don’t want to purchase mid-journey, are there any alternatives available?

Yes, there are many alternatives available in the market that can generate similar stunning images, some of which are free and some are limited.

In this article we have mentioned some alternatives; each has its own possibilities and limitations. You can use leonardo.ai or blue willow, both of them are very good alternatives and their features are also good.

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