ChatGPT’s DALL.E 3 image generation feature is finally here! Learn how to use it in this article

A few weeks ago, OpenAI announced that it would add the latest AI image generation feature from DALL.E 3 to ChatGPT. However, at the time it only announced that it would be released in October. The actual time is unknown. Maybe it was forced by Bing. Shortly after Microsoft announced its full opening today, I discovered that ChatGPT is also available and can be enabled in GPT-4. Plus or Enterprise users should give it a try. I feel that the effect is better than Bing.

The Bing Connection

A noteworthy aspect of DALL.E 3 is its connection to Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Surprisingly, Microsoft owns half of OpenAI, the parent company of Chat GPT. This partnership opens up exciting possibilities for users who want to explore DALL.E 3’s capabilities.

If you visit and select the “Chat Now” option, you’ll be directed to an AI chatbot, offering a creative mode powered by DALL.E 3. This means you can now create images directly within Bing, harnessing the potential of this remarkable tool. Let’s delve into some examples to see what DALL.E 3 can achieve.

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ChatGPT’s Edge

Comparing Bing’s output to Chat GPT’s, it’s clear that both platforms are powerful. However, Chat GPT takes things a step further by providing you with prompt suggestions. You don’t need to conjure up a complex prompt; a simpler one will suffice. Chat GPT will then generate images based on your input.

For instance, requesting “Create an image of a moon with a smiley face” in Chat GPT prompts the platform to offer multiple suggestions. These suggestions include illustrations of cartoon moons, photos of full moons in night skies, oil paintings of detailed moons, and vector graphics of minimalistic moons.

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How To Use Dall.E 3 in ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s DALL.E 3 image generation feature is currently only available to ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Enterprise users. The free version is not yet available. Currently, you can only try out DALL.E 3 from Bing Chat.

Although both use the DALL.E 3 model, the actual generation quality I tested is still better with ChatGPT. It seems that this is because ChatGPT converts to English to give commands, while the Bing part uses Chinese directly, so it is correct. The degree is not that high.

Mine is the ChatGPT Plus version. After opening the web version (the app is not available yet), open the GPT-4 menu and you will see the DALL.E 3 option at the bottom:

DALL.E 3 Available in ChatGPT
DALL.E 3 Available in ChatGPT

hen enter the description of the AI ​​image you want to generate and ChatGPT will start processing. The description I gave is: “Create an image of a moon with a smiley face” The same Provide four pictures, and each shows the description under ChatGPT:

Given Prompt to Generate Images with DALL.E 3
Given Prompt to Generate Images with DALL.E 3

The speed is also quite fast and it only takes a few seconds to complete. The four finished products are very satisfactory and of a very high standard. Three of them match my description completely.

Generated Result by DALL.E 3
Generated Result by DALL.E 3

Customizing Your Creations

One of the standout features of DALL.E 3 is its flexibility when it comes to image customization. You can easily alter the dimensions of your images to suit your needs. For instance, if you want a square image, simply request it. DALL.E 3 will deliver a 1024×1024 pixel square image, ensuring that your creation meets your specifications.

If you require a horizontal or vertical image, DALL.E 3 can accommodate that too. It flips the dimensions accordingly. This versatility allows you to tailor your images to various platforms and requirements.

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Copyright Considerations

It’s essential to be aware of DALL.E 3’s strict copyright rules, especially when crafting prompts. DALL.E 3 will refuse requests that potentially infringe on copyright issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your prompts align with these guidelines to avoid any disruptions in the creative process.

Usage Limits

Currently, DALL.E 3 operates within the usage limits of Chat GPT Plus, which allows 50 messages every 3 hours. This allocation applies to all Chat GPT functions, including DALL.E 3. Be mindful of this limit to make the most of this powerful tool.

Our Final Thoughts

DALL.E 3 marks a significant advancement in image generation technology, empowering users to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, DALL.E 3’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a must-have tool for unlocking your creative potential.

After a quick comparison, I think ChatGPT is much easier to use. Not only is the generation quality better, but it is also much faster than Bing. Finally, ChatGPT is now limited to paying users, unlike Bing which is open to everyone. Therefore, the server pressure is not as great. 

Additionally, ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3 currently appears to have no limit on the number of images generated, but GPT-4 can only send 50 messages every 3 hours.

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