Turn ChatGPT into a Midjourney Prompt Generator (ChatGPT + Midjourney)

Midjourney has an amazing AI model that can generate any type of image for you but you will need a good prompt to generate an image that matches your imagination. But even if you are a beginner or a professional, even thinking about the prompt can be a headache.


You must be well aware of ChatGPT and you must be well acquainted with his exploits, why don’t you use ChatGPT to write good prompts? ChatGPT can become your Midjourney prompt generator and give you prompts in detail and improved with extra enhancements.

In this article, we will discuss some such methods and an extension that will help you overcome the headache of thinking of prompts with the help of ChatGPT + Midjourney.

Let’s Get Started.

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Prompting in Midjourney V6

Well, with the update to Midjourney v6, there have been a lot of advancements in Midjourney and one of the advancements is that Midjourney in its V6 version can understand short prompts deeply and can understand much better.

But still, you will have to provide details in the prompt and the prompt will have to be well-structured and ChatGPT will help us to generate Midjourney Prompts.

2 Ways To Turn Your ChatGPT into a Midjourney Prompt Generator

Often we give our unpolished prompts to generate images midjourney and the generated result does not match our description. That prompting is very important and we should know what type of prompt should be. We will solve this problem with the help of ChatGPT.

And there are two ways to solve it with ChatGPT,

  1. By Training ChatGPT
  2. Extension

1. Train your ChatGPT to generate good Midjourney Prompts

Train Your ChatGPT
Train Your ChatGPT

However, by training ChatGPT to understand and emulate our preferred prompt style, we can achieve more precise and tailored outcomes.

How can you train your ChatGPT?

To Train the ChatGPT for crafting Midjourney prompts, follow these steps:

Step 1: Initiate the Chat

Visit the official website of ChatGPT and begin your journey into the world of creative prompts.

Step 2: Train Your ChatGPT

To train ChatGPT, we will give a prompt formula to ChatGPT so that ChatGPT can understand what things we have to keep in mind in our prompt.

“Here is the Structure of the Midjourney prompt formula: (Subject of the image), (5 descriptive keywords or phrases), (camera type), (camera lens type), (time of day), (style of photography), (realism level), (the best type of lighting for the subject), (best aspect ratio for the subject of the image in this format –ar width: height), (type of film).”

Do you understand the formula, Respond “yes”, If you understand

Midjourney Formula
Midjourney Formula

Note: You can experiment by changing this formula according to your preferences.

ChatGPT responds yes to you that ChatGPT has accepted your formula and your ChatGPT has been trained, now you can generate the prompt for yourself.


You quote ChatGPT that “Using the formula provided, there was a prompt for a cat with wings, and dressed as Batman.

Just Give your Basic Prompt
Just Give your Basic Prompt

So this will generate effective prompts for your Midjourney successfully and then you can experiment.

Generated Results
Generated Results Images Credit- @WadeMcMaster Youtube Channel

Step 3: Formula Customization

Experiment with different formulas to refine your prompts. You might opt for a formula that incorporates art style, artist name, and art media for a unique approach. For example:

“Here is the structure of the Midjourney prompt formula: (Image we’re prompting), (5 descriptive keywords or phrases), (art style), (artist name), (art medium)”

Type “yes” if you understand

And then give your basic prompt suppose: “Write me Midjourney prompts of a cat with wings, dressed as Batman”

Generated Result to Changing Prompt Formula
Generated Result to Changing Prompt Formula

By doing this ChatGPT will give you artistic style prompts.

Tip: You will have to experiment with this formula so that you get the results as per your choice and the prompts are generated.

If you want to better understand watch this video!

2. AIPRM Extension

AIPRM Dashboard
AIPRM Dashboard

AIPRM is a Chrome extension that gives you prompt templates for just about any task, offering one-click prompts tailored for SEO, marketing, copywriting, Midjourney, and more.

This is your prompt library, which contains a list of pre-built prompt templates that appear on your official ChatGPT window. The best part? AIPRM is currently available for free.

How to Install AIPRM Extension?

It is very easy to install the AIPRM extension so you can integrate this extension with your ChatGPT. To integrate AIPRM into your ChatGPT setup, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, go to your Chrome web store,
  • Where will you find the search box at the top on the left-hand side and where will you search for AIPRM
  • Then “Add to Chrome”
  • After installation, refresh your ChatGPT official website and the AIPRM dashboard will be visible on your ChatGPT window.
AIPRM Installed Successfully
AIPRM Installed Successfully

If you are facing a problem installing it then you can check out this article. (AIPRM for ChatGPT not working: How to fix the problem)

How to use this AIPRM extension to generate Midjourney Prompts?

With the help of this extension, we use prompts templates to generate Midjourney prompts and with its simple keyword, it gives you detailed prompt generation.

To use this extension,

If we search “Midjourney” in the dashboard of AIPRM, we will find many tabs related to midjourney prompts, each tab is made for your specific need. You can see use-cases and views of each tab and how many people have used it and likes.

Click on the any Tab you want
Click on any Tab you want

Its Selected
It’s Selected

Simply click on any tab and give your basic prompt along with some details. For example, we gave this a basic prompt “An old man who is sitting on a chair in the park

Give Your Basic Prompt
Give Your Basic Prompt

It generates detailed and improved prompts based on your prompts and thus eliminates the problem of thinking of your prompts.

ChatGPT Midjourney Prompt Generator
ChatGPT Midjourney Prompt Generator

AIPRM boasts over 4500+ prompts, each categorized under specific tabs. Hovering over any prompt reveals valuable insights, including views, usage statistics, and upvotes.

Our Final Thoughts!

In this article, we have explained two methods with the help of which you can generate Midjourney prompts effortlessly with the help of ChatGPT. The fusion of ChatGPT and MidJourney offers a powerful avenue for creative exploration (ChatGPT + Midjourney).

By defining clear formulas and training ChatGPT accordingly, you can unlock a wealth of diverse prompts tailored to your preferences.

You can use the extension AIPRM we told you about, which not only helps in your Midjourney prompts but will unlock many more possibilities. It also depends on your creative mind and how you use the AIPRM extension. Rest if you are struggling while installing AIPRM then you can check out this article.

There are many use cases of ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plugins, Custom GPTs, and much more information that we have kept in the blog which you can explore in this blog, we give you regular updates about the latest news and tools related to AI. You can subscribe to our blog.

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